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Stories of Prophets

One month intensive course covering the stories of prophets mentioned in Quran, for kids with the fee being 15 SAR only for the entire program. 

The Prophets are the role models to humanity. Allah عزوجل chose the best of men to deliver His message and guidance to His slaves. And Allah عزوجل has mentioned a few of His chosen Prophets in Quran so that we may follow in their footsteps and build our moral lives, taking these best men as our examples.


Indeed we as Muslims are obliged to take lessons from these luminaries and apply it in our lives to become better Muslims !


And what better age to start than childhood ? Childhood is undoubtedly a formative age of humans. So, what are you waiting for? Get your little ones enrolled now!

Topics Covered

This course is aimed to instill children with moral foundations through the lessons learnt from the following prophets :

 1. Prophet Adam 

 2. Prophet Nuh (Noah)  

 3. Prophet Hud, Prophet Salih 

 4. Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) 

 5. Prophet Isma’il (Ishmael) 

 6. Prophet Lot (Lot) 

 7. Prophet Shu’aib 

 8. Prophet Yusuf (Joseph) 

 9. Prophet Ayyub (Job) 

 10. Prophet Yunus (Jonah) 

 11. Prophet Musa (Moses) 

 12. Prophet Dawud (David) 

 13. Prophet Sulayman (Soloman) 

 14 . Prophet Isa (Jesus) 

About The Teacher

About the course

Image by Glen Carrie

Chief Coordinator: Umm Umar

She is a graduate from the college of sciences, holds a certificate in intensive study of the islamic legislation. She is currently pursuing Ijazah in Recitation of the Qur'an, as well has the teaching experience of 13+ years, where she has taught and tutored students of age group 3-50yrs.

Age Group


5 to 10


5 to 12

Class Schedule


Monday to Thursday

Course Duration:

1 Month

Session Duration:

40 mins


4:30 PM

Makkah Time


15 SAR 

for the entire program.

Medium of instruction:



Classes will be

conducted on

Zoom Cloud meetings

Course reference: 

Ibn Kathir

Admissions Closed

Admissions are closed now. Limited seats only. You can enroll for next batch,
announcement will be made when the admissions re-open.
Stay tuned..

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