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Tajweed Testimonials

This course has benefitted me in a lot of ways. I did not know some of the rules but Alhumdullilah after joining this course I have learnt a lot of the rules and its implementation. The teacher has very good knowledge of the subject and she clarifies all the doubts. The teacher is very kind and patient.

Efrath binth Abdul Lathif


My recitation has come a long way from making many mistakes to making few mistakes. My flow of reading has improved as well but I'm still working on the fluency. And also to focus on the meaning of the ayaat which helps to know where to stop correctly without affecting the meaning of the ayah. I am really grateful to Allah and then my teachers for helping me through all this.

Sheema Binth Jaffer


Alhamdulillah, I've gained confidence in reading Quran in a right way along with tajweed rules and sifaat. Learning Quran seemed difficult unless I joined this Academy. My teacher has always been an excellent educator who knew how to illuminate a soul with its light. I'm blessed to have such a great teacher with excellent teaching and lots of patience. Alhamdulillah.

Farah Binth Kareem


JazakAllah khair, for the great work. Alhamdulillah your brilliant teaching skills have helped me recite Quran even more better than earlier. Alhamdulillah after joining in to Tajweed course I enjoy the sweetness of reading Quran. I feel blessed to be a part of Sabiqoon 


Syeda Rumana



Alhamdulillah, Our main class teacher teaches us the Rules of Tajweed in a very easy and understandable way. The practice sessions are really helpful. My practice session teacher is the best. The way she corrects our mistakes, and motivates really helped me a lot in improving my Tajweed. May Allah reward all the teachers.





Alhamdulillah I'm very much blessed to be a part of this course. This course have made me realize my minor mistakes while reading Quran and now I can make out the mistakes and correct them. I have learnt Tajweed before this but I've benefitted the most only in this Academy.  Jazakumullahu khairan.

Fatima Rubi Nahana


My teacher teaches very well and this course has benefited me a lot. After joining this course Alhumdullilah I have improved my recitation and makhraj. My teacher is very patient and corrects my mistakes Alhumdullilah also, main class is very beneficial to me as I had no knowledge of rules.

Eram binth Abdul Lathif


Al-hamdulilah my recitation is getting improved by the will of Allaah with every corrections provided by ustadah. Al-hamdulilah ustadah listens every word carefully bi-ithnillah and is very calm and patient enough to provide us the time to correct yourselves. Al-hamdulilah this course is very useful.



Asma Binth Khaleel



Alhumdulilah I have benefited immensely from Tajweed course, I can say that there is a full 360 degree change in my recitation and in the recitation of each one in my class. From Theory to practical classes all are conducted in a very beneficial way.

Saba Farhat Bint Murtuza


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