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Madinah Arabic

Course: Book-1

This Arabic course is for English-Speaking students. it is course specially designed for women of all age groups. It is a comprehensive and popular course for the teaching of the Qura’anic and Traditional Arabic, originally devised and taught at the renowned Madinah Islamic University catering for the non-Arabic speaking students from all over the world.


Over the years, this course has enabled students to become competent in their use of the Arabic language and to participate and benefit from scholarly pursuits such as Qur’anic exegesis, hadith, fiqh, seerah, history, and classical and modern Arabic literature.

Image by said alamri

About  the  teacher

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Given the current complexity and sophistication of online learning systems, receiving input from an experienced and well-trained “human” teacher is invaluable. Our Teachers are trained to identify areas where our students need help, and having identified these areas of concern, our Teachers then work with the student to achieve success in these areas.


As-Sabiqoon Online Academy teachers are well-trained in their subject matter and experienced, which allows them to work with our students to identify the best lessons, activities, and so on to create the ideal educational experience.

Co-ordinator: Umm Yusuf

She is pursuing BA in English literature, learnt Arabic from professional Egyptian teachers and has the teaching experience in Arabic for 2+ years. She has also studied various Islamic science like Fiqh, Hadeeth, Tafseer and so on from qualified teachers.

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About the course

It helps acquire an understanding of hundreds of Qur’anic verses, Ahadith, Arabic parables and poetry.

This course is structured, organised, and detailed to give you a full understanding of Madinah Arabic Book 1 

Daily homework, memorization of vocabulary, monthly assessments, assignments and exams will be held to make sure the students are consistent as well as to test them in their understanding & progress. 

The course will begin on June 1 2021 and finish on November 2021 Insha’Allah.

Course duration:

5 months


30 SAR per month

Course Schedule: 

It has 3 sessions in a week.

Session duration will be 1 hour each.


Age group:

12 years and above 


Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday


9:00 AM Makkah Time

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