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Little Scholars

The future of our nation, creating the future community of lifelong learners. Sowing the seeds of Islamic knowledge in the tender hearts of our little ones.

Our little scholars online course is designed to shape and carve the students of (age: boys 4-9 and girls 4-14) in the basics of religion which give them a firm establishment in their religion. In this course we focus on subjects like Qaida nooraniya, Hifdh ul Qur'an, Hifdh ul-Ad'iyaa, Tarbiyyah. This course is a paid course and the fee has been set on a very affordable scale. Medium of instruction is English.

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Teachers & Pedagogy

We have a team of committed and qualified teachers who are trained to teach young children. Our teachers have years of experience handling young children. They make sure that the classes are interesting and are fully committed to deliver knowledge.

Our curriculum is designed to build strong foundations in the basics of Islam. Our teaching pedagogy ensures that our students not just learn but also retain and implement what they have learnt. We have regular quizzes to reinforce what they have learnt. We also have a weekly program of tarbiyyah by our head coordinator to build the moral foundations of the young children, which makes it a wholesome and one of a kind program available anywhere online.

Chief Coordinator: Umm Umar
She is a graduate from the college of sciences, holds a certificate in intensive study of the islamic legislation. She is currently pursuing Ijazah in Recitation of the Qur'an, as well has the teaching experience of 13+ years, where she has taught and tutored students of age group 3-50yrs.

Other teachers:

All the other teachers are well qualified and experienced. The course will run in the guidance of the chief coordinator.

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About the course

Qaida nooraniya:
Correction of makharij, and beginners level tajweed. Once a student excels in the Qaida, they will then be allowed to proceed to Recitation of the Qur'an and receive corrections.

Hifdh ul Qur'an:
Memorization beginning from the small surahs of Juzz 'Amma uptil the number of surahs a child can memorise. The memorisation will be based on the capacity of the students.

Hifdh ul-Ad'iyaa:
Memorization of dua'as that are used in our day to day life, the book covered in this course is fortress of Muslim.

Topics related to the Islamic events occurring with time, seerah, aqeedah and so on.

The importance of these areas cannot be overemphasized enough. Correct pronunciation of Quran and knowing basic du’a are ultimately the very basics of deen which every Muslim should know.

Fee Structure

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