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حياة الصحابة

Life of the


Level 2: Ummuhat Al-Mu'mineen

Muslims have no need to look for fictitious are mythical heroes because their history is abundant with heroes of real flesh and blood, whose acts were heroic because of their faith and a consequence of their attitude to life and the world.


For all the As`hab Ur Rasool رضوان الله عليهم أجمعين

share two very special traits: full conviction and dedication to their pristine faith and constant attempt to seek the pleasure of their creator, Allah, alone regardless of the circumstances and times they went through.


The lives of our Sahaba have loads of lessons for us, it’s just that we need to look into their lives. So why miss this opportunity? Enrol now and get an opportunity to know our Sahaba!

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About The Teacher

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Umm Uthmaan

Hafizah Of the Qur'an, has completed her Muraja'ah and holds the Muraja'ah certificate. Also pursuing Ijazah in memorisation of mode Hafs An Asim from an Arab teacher. Learning Classical Arabic and Various Islamic Sciences.

Age Group

Open for all ages



Girls and women

Date of Commence: February 1, 2021

live classes

Course duration :

1 Month


Level 1:




Session duration:

40 Mins



6:30 PM Makkah Time



Monday to Thursday



20 SAR


Medium of instruction: 


Course reference:

Various works of scholars

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