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تعليم اللغة العربية للمبتدئات

مآدة:  المحادثة

1 month Intensive Arabic Conversation Course

This is an intensive course of Arabic language designed for sisters of all age groups, to learn the classical Arabic from zero experience in the language to a beginners level of knowledge and understanding.

The main focus of this course is to enable the sisters to hold a basic level conversation in the fus'haa Arabic. Each lesson is designed to be short but comprehensive. Our main goal  is to teach Arabic in Arabic as a medium of instruction so that upon completion of a series of courses and levels; every student becomes independent in Arabic language.

About the Teacher

Coordinators :

 Umm ʿUthmān: She is a Hafizah, has completed her Muraja'ah and holds the Muraja'ah certificate and is pursuing Ijazah in memorisation of mode Hafs An Asim from an Arab teacher. Has a experience on 3+ years in teaching locally as well as online platforms. She has also learnt Classical Arabic and other Islamic sciences.


Girls and Women

Age Group:

15+ Years

Live Classes

Classes will be

conducted on

Zoom Cloud meetings

Date of Commence:

November 2021


Course duration :

1 Month


Session duration:

45 Mins



3:00 PM Makkah Time



3 Days a week



60 SAR

Medium of Instruction:



Good Arabic Reading and writing skills

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Admissions open! Limited seats, hurry up!
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